To accommodate prospective students in response to COVID-19 developments locally and globally, UCCI will be extending the Fall 2020 application deadline to 14 August 2020:

    Due to travel restrictions, for international applications please contact the UCCI Admissions team directly to discuss your application.

    Pre-College Programme: The Pre-College Programme is designed to prepare you for success in a university environment before you pursue an academic track (Associate Programme) or Technical/Vocational track (Certificate Programme). View more information on the Pre-College Programme.

    Year 12 Dual-Enrolment Progamme: You are a Year 11 student at a local public high school and want to begin your year 12 in the Dual-Enrolment Programme at UCCI to pursue your Associate Degree. View more information on the Year 12 Dual-Enrolment Programme.

    Technical, Vocational, and Continuing Education Programmes: You are employed in a local industry and wish to develop your professional skills. These programmes are typically offered on a part-time or day release basis. View more information on Programmes & Courses of the Department of Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education.

    Certificate Programmes: You are seeking to obtain certification in a competency-based approach to education. The Certificate Programmes combine students’ classroom learning with an off-campus work experience component (organised by UCCI) to facilitate vocational training and the development of real-life skills. View more information on the Certificate Programmes. 

    Undergraduate Programmes: You wish to undertake an Associate or Bachelor Degree Programme. View more information on the Undergraduate Programmes offered at UCCI. 

    Graduate Programmes: You have already completed your undergraduate studies, and would like to connect your professional ability with critical soft skills, the foundation for effective leadership and greater career success. View more information on UCCI's Graduate offerings.

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